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Dilution results in poor profits for the founders of new companies. Budget and debt limit issues are at the forefront of their yearly debates. It depends how much more of anything we desire or don't want. Modern monetary theory is based on this. There are just a limited number of variables that you can influence. Naturally, government officials are looking for evidence that your project will be a success, but the criteria are far lower than those of a normal Venture Capitalist firm. Until now, it's been an exhilarating, humbling, gratifying journey.

Fundraising is a kind of engineering sprint for many early-stage startups. If we no longer need to collect taxes to generate money, we can recast every headline you've seen in the last several weeks concerning the debt limit in a new light. Selection of VCs is fraught with problems.

Naturally, every entrepreneur is different, but I am frequently astonished by first-time entrepreneurs who follow this rigorous procedure. It has been shown in the past that bureaucrats and politicians are not always the best choice for customers. "Sales" is a term that the authorities don't like, therefore we were asked to remove any references to it in our application. A competent venture capitalist (and, by extension, a strong board syndicate) can be a huge benefit to any company, especially in the early stages of its lifecycle. The good news is that many states are using a better alternative. It's a sign of the times that more and more individuals are willing to try a new side business. Formerly, it took more time, work, money, and expertise to create a web storefront or a company page.

No one appears to be discussing these issues.
The sales strategy became a "flight strategy".

This is not my money, so I'm not going to spend it. In the end, it's our labor that makes money valuable. You may employ a social media manager or a content producer. Officials at Commonwealth Edison, for example, were accused of organizing a multi-year corruption conspiracy to promote favorable legislation for their company. People who can save money for 35, 10 or even 2 years will get a big reward if the government sells bonds and pays interest on them. A Series A investor will often stay with a business for over seven years before leaving, which is statistically longer than the average marriage in most nations. Who is liable if a business fails? They seem like social gains, a kind of free money that has been taken from the employers, and they are. Undoubtedly, there are subtleties and needs that go much beyond what I've described. So, utilities are incentivized to spend more on big projects to maximize their profits, which is a perverse incentive.

So, even passive income, or selling time for future money of an unknown quantity, was something I viewed as connecting money to value in a calculated, justifiable manner. Since 1946, the federal government has been using MMT.